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Trade Desk

About this page:  It is our intent to make our product listings and requests for quotation and general information about our industry available without having to contact an Agent any time it is convenient for you.  Call, Send us an email, fax or email us at your convenience to secure answers to your questions.  


Successful Contracts are completed between Buyers and Sellers with the assistance of their Mandates and Legal Staff. We appreciate the assistance of Intermediaries and will protect their interests with an NCNDA or Affidavit as appropriate. This means quickly arranging verbal or written meetings between principals.

Those who cannot perform or give us bad information are moved to our “time wasters” or “fraudulent” files.

  Aviation Fuel for sale



      Natural Gas for sale



  Crude Oil for sale

Bonny Light Crude Oil For Sale
code: NWD KB BLCO 53015


  Diesel and Gasoline for sale


“Price Lists” of Multiple Products For Sale

  Aviation Fuel ~ want to buy



      Crude Oil ~ want to buy



  Natural Gas ~ want to buy



  Diesel and Gasoline ~ want to buy



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