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Profile LLC was registered in Las Vegas Nevada about by Jack and Margery Hinshaw when “dot.coms” as a method of naming companies was in vogue.  It was registered in Washington 2005 as Northwest Direct LLC, an aka of LLC.  When it was founded “dot coms” were in vogue.

Divisions of the Corporation have been added for different disciplines including Real Estate, Construction, Wireless Electronic Sales and for marketing and management of the Yacht Endeavor and the Hinshaw Foundation which is Managed by Marge Hinshaw, David and Shari Hinshaw, Catherine Lamb and Carolyn Hoeft.
Jack and Margery Hinshaw are officers, directors and registered agent.  David Hinshaw, a commercial pilot, is “Of Council” and Executive Vice President.  

Our principal activities have been and continues to be International Trade and Project Development with the emphasis on petroleum commodities.  Plans include an office and trading activity in Dubai, UAE.  Petroleum will continue to be our main interest.  Several agents and a contract manager in Dubai complete our staff.
Jack Hinshaw holds Mandate and Power of Attorney documentation.  We may appear as Consultant, Contract Intermediary, Facilitator or Buyer or Seller on modest contracts as appropriate.  We have an extensive database of Buyers and Sellers categorized as to their particular interests that can be contacted quickly and easily.

We have been a Real Estate Owner / Broker with multiple offices for commercial, industrial, residential, corporate relocation and business opportunities. We have been and have real estate investments in the US and Mexico.  We were a dealer and importer of power and sailing yachts from Taiwan.  We recently repurchased, a 45’ motor yacht ( originally imported for a client which we manage. LLC aka
Northwest Direct LLC:

6234 138th Ave NE - #193
Redmond WA 98052
cell: 425-503-1900
fax: 206-629-7751
Duns No: 030689470, UBI: 602.592.657  Original registration 1993 in Nevada, and as “aka” Northwest Direct LLC in Washington State in 2003.  Previous companies involved in international trade -  World Trade Group, Hinshaw Yachts and Charters and  Pioneer Products Co.
World Trade Group:
(Previous trade style)
International Trade - logs and cants, lumber products, seafood and consumer goods, special projects for Costco Warehouse stores.
Hinshaw Yachts and Charters, Alaska Ship Brokers
Import of power and sailing vessels - commissioning, outfitting, charter, train owners.  Sale of Limited entry fishing permits, fishing vessels, packers, processors and tenders.
Bank Relationships: JP Morgan Chase - principal trade accounts, Bank of America, predecessors and acquisitions.  We have a line of credit with them and 50 years of borrowing experience. We have had 3 SBA loans for our lumber mills, Letter of Credit experience for yacht and ship importing and international trade and for real estate activities. 
Trading Activity & Accomplishments:

We work with End Users, Resellers and Majors.  Our procedures limit ‘referring agent’ involvement.  Our objectives are to source, negotiate and match buyers and sellers. All transactions are an arbitrage with a committed buyer and seller.  
We have direct access to major refineries in Russia, Mexico and other countries.  We are ‘representatives’ for several companies. 

Background checks are performed for Buyers and Sellers when personal information is not available.  We advise trading partners when we are able to verify trading partners giving them the option of assuming the risk.

Jack Hinshaw:
Seattle, Dubai
Curriculum Vitae: Web page:  
Managing Member: Founder, President, Chairman and Registered Agent  ~
Aviation: Commercial Pilot with Instrument and Float Plane endorsements.
Marine: 200 Ton Master USCG recommendation
Capt. David Hinshaw
Indianapolis, Tokyo
BA, ATR, EVP – Of Counsel -  Indianapolis: Dave Hinshaw is an airline pilot flying internationally out of Tokyo.
Capt. Ed Peerens
Anacortes, Washington
BA, ATR 27,000 hours – Account Executive.  Vessel Master and Manager of  M/Y Endeavor.
Vladimir Chapkin BA,SAE
Account Executive, Marketing – Seattle.  Fluent in speaking and writing Russian and English
Rudy Taylor
Eugene, Oregon
Account Executive – Petroleum and Investments
Lane and Powel - Seattle Legal Advisors
Accountants Bellevue, Washington

6234 138th Ave NE, Suite 193, Redmond, WA, USA 98052-4532
Office: 425-861-1974    |    Mobile: 425-503-1900    |    Fax: 425-202-7093