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Executive Summary

Northwest Direct has been in international trade since the 1960’s when our lumber mills were purchasing logs from Canada and the Olympic Peninsula selling our production and that of other producers of lumber products in the US and Canada to Europe and the Far East.  Logs arrived by flat raft, bundles in raft rafts and ‘self-dumping’ barges.  We loaded containers with our products and products from other mills at our reload facility in Mt. Vernon, Washington State.

Later We were in International Trade of consumer goods.  A major customer was Costco Warehouse Stores.  We were Dealers for and imported power and sailing yachts from Taiwan, outfitted and commissioned them in Seattle, trained the owners and put them in charter service.  

We specialize in Petroleum and other Energy Products.  It is a difficult business needing the experience of previous activities and skills developed.  We enjoy working with many friends around the world.  The opportunities are tremendous, the rewords great!

We are marketing products for Refineries and Resellers – sometimes as a Mandate or with Power of Attorney and sometimes as a Contract Intermediary, sourcing and marketing for capable Buyers and Sellers - and other times with seasoned “gatekeepers” who have the ”ear” of the Sellers or Buyers immediately providing contact with Principals as needed. 


Our Agents are experienced and very helpful.  Several of them have Mandate authority for Northwest Direct.  They are able to develop opportunities and communicate with principals as needed.  If I am not available feel free to contact any of them at any time.

We have an Outlook - Business Contact Manager data base collected over many years.  We can write one email and send it to all Buyers interested JPA1, for instance, create an email and select the “Jet Fuel Buyers” and it will go to all of them in minutes.  We have authority to send up to 1,000 message a day.

A major interest is becoming a Title Holder so we can purchase from the refineries or their agents as production contracts and sell to End Buyers on their terms.  Back to Back, Single Escrow transactions are common in real estate.  There are a few “conditions precedent to be met.  We will solve the problems and effect a solution in International Trade, as well as we did in real estate.


Our 501C3 Charitable foundation IS dedicated to  “helping people help themselves” by providing grants to worthy individuals, grants or loans to small businesses, and taking a position in development or improvement of energy resources. A percentage of all NWD income will be granted to the foundation to fund these activities.

 Jack Hinshaw