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Executive Summary

Northwest Direct has been in international trade since the 1960’s when our lumber mills were purchasing logs from Canada and selling our production and that of other producers of lumber products in the US and Canada to Europe and the Far East.  Logs arrived by flat raft, bundles in raft rafts and ‘self-dumping’ barges.  We loaded containers with our products and products from other mills at our reload facility in Mt. Vernon, Washington State.

Later We were in International Trade of consumer goods.  A major customer was Costco Warehouse Stores.  We Dealers for and imported power and sailing yachts from Taiwan, outfitted and commissioned them in Seattle, trained the owners and put them in charter service.  

Northwest Direct is developing its ability to handle Back to Back’ or “Buy – Sell” transactions as title holder.

There are many opportunities to purchase petroleum products and many Buyers looking for product, especially “Spots” with “liftable product.”.  There are several deterrents to successful transactions.
  1. Buyers ask for Proof of Product and Sellers ask for Proof of Products.  Most offers to not provide for sale to oil companies and majors.  Both parties try to impose their procedures.  
  2. Vetting of Buyers and Sellers is often difficult or not professionally handled.  The industry is fraught with fraud and misrepresentation.  Vetting of buyers and sellers is difficult and expensive.

We offer Refineries and Resellers a regular consumer, freedom from financial concerns and a reduction of inventory costs and concerns.  We will be a preapproved Ready, Willing and Able Buyer who buys consistently throughout the year with their procedures.

Dubai is a nucleus of the petroleum industry and the melding point of petroleum and money.  We will become a “Trader” on the Dubai Commodities Exchange and establish banking arrangements with a “top 25” bank active in petroleum activities.  It is here we will be able to work with Buyers, Sellers, Major Oil Companies, Distributors Resellers and banks with their own trade desk.  As a “Title Holder” we become a Buyer and a Seller putting ourselves between the refinery where we will buy “direct” and the “majors” who want liftable produce and a rapid transaction with their procedures and terms.  They will be given a commercial invoice / “dip” test / pay and lift in hours.”  No more plethora of introductory documents and commission protection documents.  Transactions will be concluded in hours or a couple of days.

Jack Hinshaw, Managing Member
(Founder, President, CEO and Registered Agent)


6234 138th Ave NE, Suite 193, Redmond, WA, USA 98052-4532
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