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Northwest Direct started with the import and export of lumber products and yachts manufactured in Asia. Over the years our focus has narrowed to the international trade of Petroleum products. Recently, we have merged our operations with successful trading partners in Eastern Europe and Asia. Together we have opened a third trading office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and have secured a position on the Petroleum Exchange allowing us greater access to Petroleum commodities. Every individual in our organization is committed to providing services with the highest level of integrity; our goal is to forge long-lasting relationships in international trade.

Hinshaw Charitable Foundation
Separate from our trading mandate, We are committed to supporting the community.  Projects include Grants for start-up enterprise, providing capital to innovative entrepreneurs, alternative energy research and not for profit gifting.


6234 138th Ave NE, Suite 193, Redmond, WA, USA 98052-4532
Office: 425-861-1974    |    Mobile: 425-503-1900    |    Fax: 425-202-7093